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Released last year . . .  Dec 16  2017  

In the commemorative edition being released this year, we showcase the select poetry of Canadian poet Emily Isaacson, from her simple pieces to the epic. This work surrounds the guillotine of the recession that has influenced Canadians over the past decade. It is evident her readers have only begun to taste her nuances, wording, and poetic structure, including her own invention “the eclipsed poem.” Her dedicated voice has spoken in poetry to royals, cloisters, people groups, and nations.

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The Blossom Jar

  The Blossom Jar. . .   new Chapbook!  

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This small chapbook tells a story in verse of Nancy Green, a homeless woman standing in the street. She asked to tell her story. This moving account by poet and author Emily Isaacson reminds us of what matters in this life and how precious humanity is to God.

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