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Author Emily Isaacson

Emily Isaacson is a Canadian poet, who wrote The Fleur-de-lis (2011, 2023).

Isaacson began designing with another designer in 2005 at her place of work and soon had 8 websites that she called a tapestry. She later recreated the tapestry on her own in 2006 and has maintained it as a multimedia art form, with approximately eight sites for 17 years. She has a dedicated amount of viewers, with 600 visits daily to her sites. The sites feature her writing, photography, and design. She has now published 16 books. She also has over 100 videos on YouTube she has designed on her poetry and art, with over 2 million visits to her sites.

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This holiday favourite

will give you a gift to put

under the tree that will

delight both

children and adults alike.

Odes: Calendar Classics

by Emily Isaacson

Emily Isaacson's series of poetry for each month of the year celebrates a child born in each month.

A gift to her family, and their myriad grandchildren, she includes botanical poems for each month with her selections from the Celtic Tree Calendar that have gained new insight and significance. They are written in the form of Odes.

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The poetry book by Emily Isaacson dedicated to Princess Charlotte

given as a gift from the Wild Lily Institute to the Royal Family.

With Isaacson's Hourglass, including the Elegy of the Royal Rose,

and five new unpublished sonnets . . .

Paperback  $9.99 

Hardcover $25.99

E-book  only $3.99!

110 pages


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Praise for Victoriana . . . 


"Victoriana is superb! A gift for the heart to ponder..."

--Brayden Sawatzky, President of the Fraser Valley Poets Society

  Author of A Breath of Light!


"Victoriana draws you into the majesty of the past and gives hope for the future."

--Brian Headley, director of the Listening Prayer Community

   Speaker and counsellor


Victoriana is the poetry of times past. Children run in the fields of wildflowers. The seasons' many colors have found their voice at last, with dedicated romance. From celebrated author and artist Emily Isaacson, we are given a breath of fresh air of all things Victoria in her work of art in three sections.

From flowers arranged, to gingham aprons, nostalgia rules this era. Victoriana by Isaacson is a revisiting of Victorian times, and their three tier influence on modern day relationships: decor, art, and thought. She is the creator of many quotable moments on the road to Victoria.


A Taste of Victoriana

Watch Emily Isaacson's YouTube movie Victoriana to read a sample of this great book.


The Blossom Jar


The Blossom Jar. . .   new Chapbook!  

Prints in 3-5 business days
This small chapbook tells a story in verse of Nancy Green, a homeless woman standing in the street. She asked to tell her story. This moving account by poet and author Emily Isaacson reminds us of what matters in this life and how precious humanity is to God.

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